• Screen Media

Bend and Band


Having the ability to fabricate screens locally ensures a timely response to our customer’s needs. Grant Aggregate carries a large inventory of woven wire cloth available in various openings and wire diameters.  Along with classic square opening, we carry slotted screen media as well as self-cleaning screen panels.


Whether you are looking for side tensioned, end tensioned or bare hooks, Grant Aggregate’s bend and band facility has the capabilities to get you back up and running because we understand that downtime costs.

Wire Cloth

Grant Aggregate maintains a large quantity of stock in order to keep you up and running.  With our ability to fabricate screens in house or our ability to source custom screens, we are able to fulfill your screening needs.  Below are some of the various types of wire cloth we can provide.  All types are available in abrasive resistant, high or low carbon steel and various stainless steel alloys.


  • Available in a multitude of dimensions, openings and wire diameters (1/8” square to 4” in stock)
  • Standard square openings and slotted openings are available



  • Anti-blinding and anti-pegging screens are available (Poly S design in stock from 1/8” to 3/8” with 9” urethane spacing)
  • Wire clusters and poly urethane styles are available
  • Straight and crimped alternating wire makeup
  • Diamond and Herringbone designs


  • Available in small, large or slotted openings with end tension hooks
  • Available in piano style straight wires with support bar bands


  • Available in various configurations, edges, seams and forms
  • Applicable for industrial, decorative and architectural industries

Synthetic Media


Grant Aggregate is a proud supplier of Metso synthetic media. Through this association, Grant Aggregate can offer a range of either urethane or rubber products suitable for your particular application. Whether you are looking for a full panel or a modular system, we have the resources to obtain your needs. Please see below for some of the various products available.


  • Side tension full urethane panels
  • Metso unique LS modular system
  • Trellex step decks
  • Panelcord, pin and sleeve systems


  • Side tension rubber screens
  • Bolt down rubber panel systems
  • T-Flex rubber panel systems
  • Trellex stepdeck rubber modular system
  • Rubber superflex tensioned rubber panels
  • Rubber stepflex modular panel systems
  • Rubber modular pin and sleeve will fit panels

Perforated Plates


Perforated plate is another means of achieving your screening goals.  Different applications call for different screen media and perforated plate may be an economical solution if abrasive material is causing premature wear.


When looking at perforated plate for screen media, there are many options available. Below are some of the factors to consider when looking at perforated plate.




  • Screen Life – special alloyed steel provides wear resistance to outlast any oil-tempered wire cloth.
  • Less Down Time – this means fewer change-outs during production which are extremely costly.
  • Ease of Maintenance – perforated screens will not stretch so no re-tensioning is required during service life on the screen section.
  • Screen Frame Protection – blanked areas are designed and engineered into perforated plate to protect screen support frame.
  • Greater Choice – round, hexagon, square or slotted; straight or staggered center; precise, flexible configuration and virtually infinite pattern possibilities.
  • Wider Material Thickness Range – wide range of thickness for each opening size. Bar width and plate thickness can be separately specified to attain desired open space while maintaining increased wear life.
  • Excellent Screening Efficiency – perforations are staggered in direction of flow. The percent open area of Perforated Screen Plate equals or exceeds the percent open area in wire cloth in many cases.
  • Resistance to Plugging – screen plate features clean walled, conical, closely and uniformly spaced perforations. This results in a minimum of blinding, because material is always passing through a progressively larger opening.

Clamp Bars


Over the years, Grant Aggregate has supplied clamp bars for most brands of screen decks. We carry a wide variety of profiles in stock and have the ability to custom make any size to suit your needs. If wear on your clamp bars is a problem, we can rubber line or fabricate your clamp bar with a protective piece of wear plate.

Channel Rubber


Grant Aggregate supplies channel rubber ranging in size from ¼” to 1”. We offer standard, heavy duty, round top, flat top and polyurethane. When changing screens, it is important to ensure the crown bar is fully engaged in channel rubber and is consistent in height. Channel rubber acts as a “cushion” and absorbs the shock of impact during sizing.

Coil and Leaf Springs


Grant Aggregate carries a variety of coil springs in stock. We also have many of the accessory items that coincide with their use. If you are looking for coil springs and are having trouble sourcing them, we offer custom springs manufactured to your specification. Grant Aggregate also manufactures leaf springs for Cedarapids screen plants.

Fastening Hardware


Grant Aggregate supplies all the necessary hardware for fastening your screen media. We carry in stock the following:

  • Shaker screen bolts
  • Heavy hex nuts
  • Coupling nuts
  • Wedge assemblies
  • Aligning washers
  • J-bolts