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Conveyor Belt


Through our association with Metso, Grant Aggregate has access to a comprehensive range of conveyor belting available for most conveying applications.

Grant Aggregate supplies conveyor belting primarily for the aggregate and mining industries. Our stock consists of belt ranging from 24” to 60” width.  Our belt is available with different plies, thicknesses, compositions and covers.

Troughing Idlers


Depending on your requirements, Grant Aggregate carries idlers for belt widths of 18” through 60” and roll diameters of 4” 5” and 6”. These idlers are equal roll troughers, and are rated either CEMA B, CEMA C or CEMA D.

We also carry a vast amount of return rolls consisting of either steel construction or self-cleaning rubber spool rollers. 

If your application calls for something that we consider off standard, we have the ability to supply:

  • Impact idlers
  • Unequal troughing idlers
  • Self-training idlers
  • Self-training return idlers
  • Channel inset idlers
  • Flat belt idlers
  • Garlands
  • Picking idlers

Drum Pulley


Our heavy duty welded steel face pulleys are available in a multitude of sizes. Our larger than standard rim thickness, end and center disc maximizes our pulley strength and minimizes longitudinal deflection. Having the ability to manufacture most sizes allows us to provide quick and dependable deliveries. Mine duty pulleys are also available upon request.


Grant Aggregate is also pleased to offer its extreme duty drum pulley comprised of an end disc with an integral hub. These end discs are designed to prolong the life of the pulley by reducing the risk of failure from pre-mature end disc fatigue (usually occurring from stress at the welded hub).Grant Aggregate offers various options to meet your lagging requirements or preference. Vulcanized plain, herringbone and diamond; as well as ceramic, bolt-on and weld-on segments are all available.

Wing Pulley

Our heavy duty welded wing pulley construction and tight spacing of the wings reduces the likelihood of fatigue and failure.  The gussets and wings are manufactured on a solid pipe running across the face width of the pulley to provide additional strength. The self-cleaning angles of the wings allows the material to be discharged away from the belt and the pulley to help prevent material build-up and ultimately belt damage. 

These pulleys are also available with AR400 contact bars which provides maximum life in abrasive conditions.  Additionally, when required, retaining rings can be added to provide stability and prevent wing fold-over.


Grant Aggregate maintains superior shafting in stock with a wide range of diameters. We have custom keying and turn down services available to reduce down time and get you up and running. All shafting supplied is C1045 turned, ground and polished. This shafting is used for applications when a higher degree of strength, dimensional accuracy and straightness is required. Typical diameter tolerance is plus 0” / minus .001”.

Reducers and PTO


Grant Aggregate supplies shaft mount reducers as well as related components. We keep in stock, motor mounts, belt guards, bushing kits and backstop bearings. We have been rebuilding shaft mount reducers (along with other gear reducers) for over 15 yrs. With our extensive inventory of new and surplus parts, we may be able to rebuild a unit that may have otherwise been uneconomical to repair.

Along with shaft mount reducers, we also keep in stock or have access to the following:

  • V-belts (classical or multiple size A-E, deep wedge or narrow size 3V-8V and metric size SPA-SPC)

  • Bushings (QD, Taper-lock, XT)

  • Sheaves

  • Clutches and clutch parts

  • Electric motors


Grant Aggregate also carries an extensive inventory of housed bearing units. We have available in stock pillow blocks, flanges, take-up and inserts. We keep standard duty ball bearing units, medium duty ball bearing units as well as double row spherical roller bearings (S2000). We also have access to a variety of split pillow block units.

Impact and Slider Beds


Our impact stations consist of heavy duty construction with a removable side wing for ease of installation. They are available in various lengths and widths and are built to accommodate your existing idler frames.


We also provide slider beds as either complete units or “drop-in” sections made to fit your existing idlers. They are also available in various belt widths and lengths. Slider beds are an economical means to eliminate sagging belt and eliminate spillage.


Grant Aggregate’s primary belt cleaner consists of a urethane twist tensioner that is proven to stand up in harsh conditions. It has as simple yet reliable design which allows the urethane blade to maintain tension on the belt and prevent carry over. These cleaners are available in belt widths from 18” to 72”. The replacement blades are available in different compositions depending on your specific application.


We also supply secondary cleaners designed to remove any of the fine residue remaining after the primary scraper. These “T” cleaners have a spring tensioning system that is self-adjusting, easily accessible and can operate regardless of belt direction. They are available with either steel tipped blades or premium carbide tipped blades.

Urethane and Rubber

Grant Aggregate stocks both rubber and urethane skirting. This is available in various widths as well as thicknesses.


Through our association with Metso, we also have a variety of lining options available that can be suited to specific applications. We can supply rubber sheeting, urethane sheeting, ceramic liners and also modular liners (Trellex SQ) consisting of either rubber, urethane or ceramics. This innovative modular system consists of a unique fastening system that is easily installed. It allows you to combine each type of liner in order to maximize service life and minimize operational costs.

Conveyor Rolls

Over the years, Grant Aggregate has made a variety of custom rollers and pulleys. With the ability to fabricate at our facility, many of these rolls can be made within a reasonable time frame in order to satisfy urgent demands. Here are some examples of custom rolls we have produced.

  • Beater bar return rolls

  • Squirrel cage return rolls

  • Steel disc hold down rolls

  • Solid rubber hold down rolls

  • Segregation pulleys

  • Heavy duty replacement idlers

  • Small diameter snub pulleys

  • Custom impact rolls